Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the assessment procedure? 

A: In general terms the assessment is primarily interested in the efficiency details of the heating and hot water provision for the property and  secondly in the structural characteristics of the building including walls, floors, roof and glazing type present. Dimensions of the property will be taken to ascertain the floor area and floor heights. Access to all rooms is required to log information on radiators, glazing and lighting. The loft area is checked for insulation. Photographs are taken during the assessment purely to support site note statements and are not released with the EPC.


Q: Will my current spending on energy bills be taken into account? 

A: The estimated energy bill calculations on the EPC are based on standardised living conditions and not on the individual owner's lifestyle. This allows benchmark comparisons between properties of a similar type.


Q: Will I invalidate the EPC if I carry out changes to the property? 

A: No. You will need to point out to prospective buyers that you have made the changes and therefore increased the energy efficiency rating to that stated. 
If you make significant changes you should consider getting the certificate renewed (would require a re-visit) in order that the EPC fully represents the property as it is now and the fuel cost calculations on the front of the certificate show the savings from the changes made.


Q: Will you need to lift floorboards?

A: The assessment is based on a visual inspection only and therefore there is no need to remove or move fixtures. Access will be needed to all rooms including the loft and any cellar as well as access to the boiler, heating controls, hot-water storage and gas/electric meters.


Q: I know I have loft insulation but it is hidden under boards?

A: Every reasonable effort is made to identify where insulation is installed including cavities and loft (see restriction of visual assessment above). Where no access is possible it will be necessary for the owner to provide an installation certificate or guarantee/warrantee as evidence.


Q: I want to check the energy efficiency rating of my house but I am not looking to sell yet? 

A: It is possible to arrange an EPC at any time and if you are not moving you will benefit from finding out how good your home is in terms of generating and retaining the heat energy used and what improvements could be made to reduce your energy bills.


Q: How can I check if an Energy Assessor is accredited? 

A: Use the following link DEA Register and type in either the accreditation number or the name details. Additionally all accredited DEA's are checked with the Criminals Register Bureau.


Q: Are you fully insured?

A: Yes. All accredited energy assessors are required to carry Public Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.