Photographic samples

Make the right 1st impression!

Over 85% of all house/flat rentals and sales begin online! We make sure that you make the right first impression every time. Our photography service is very popular with our customers as we take the time and trouble to make sure that most images are not just exposed for the room but for the outside as well. We then mix the two images together to create a more realistic image. By doing this, a potential tenant or purchaser can really get a good idea and feel for a room rather than the usual nice room shot with white hazy window. Our experienced photographers will work with you to ensure that your home is portrayed in the most flattering manner possible. This is critical to maximise the interest and impact the pictures have on all potential purchasers/tenants.

Many people selling a £2,000 - £3,000 second hand car would spend hours on a weekend cleaning and polishing it and then borrow a friends 10 mega pixle digital camera to take pictures of it prior to advertising it on eBay. Yet when it comes to selling their £250,000 house they allow an estate agent to use either an iPhone or point and shoot digital camera.


We only use the very best equipment to ensure that we capture all of your home's best features as we want to attract as many potential buyers as possible!