Commercial EPC’s prior to sale or rent

Commercial EPC's


As of the 1st April 2012 all commercial businesses that are being sold and have attached properties will need to have a valid EPC in the same way as if they were selling or letting just a building. A commercial EPC is a bit more in depth than a residential EPC and as such is more expensive. There are 3 types of commercial or non domestic EPC’s and they are as follows:

  • Level 3 EPC – this is for a simple structure, no matter what the size, without air conditioning
  • Level 4 EPC – this is for any commercial building with air conditioning below the power output of 12kw. Anything larger than 12kw requires an air conditioning certificate once every 5 years.
  • Level 5 EPC – this is for a building that has a rounded structure such as the Royal Albert Hall in London.


At All EPC’s we can produce EPC’s ourselves for level 3 and 4 but can arrange level 5 for customers. 

A roof array of air conditioning units