Estate agents / Management services

Estate agents

As an Estate Agent your time is valuable and you earn your money whilst sitting across from customers in your office. At All EPC's we understand this and provide a 3 in 1 service for you. When you engage us to raise an EPC we can also make detailed drawings that can be used as floor plans for your marketing as well as taking excellent photographs.


Why not enhance your company photographic standards and let us take pictures? Most local Estate Agents take their own pictures using either a standard point and shoot camera or a camera that is on their phone. We have the proper equipment including tripods and light meters to ensure that every picture we take for you will say a thousand words. We are not only good at taking pictures for vendors we also know how to set each room to maximise potential.


Please click here to see a small selection of our photography work.

Video Brochure

To complete the marketing package for our Estate Agents, we have video making facilities. Using the high definition pictures we have taken we can create a video brochure for a property you are marketing. Once created we will launch the video on You Tube for you which will drive more business to your site and help optimise your web site. Click the link to see a short demo.

Management services

We can also provide a detailed inventory for lettings backed up with photographic evidence for either a tenant check in or check out inspection. We even complete mid term inspections so your landlords can have total peace of mind. Give us a call now and see how much time, money and effort we can save you!


What is an Inventory?


An inventory is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy.

The preparation of a "professional" and "independently prepared" inventory is an absolute necessity to provide peace of mind for both landlord and tenant during a tenancy, and to aid in legally resolving any disputes at the end of a tenancy.

What is a Check In?

At a Check-in, an Inventory Clerk inspects the property and compares it to the inventory. Any variations seen are noted on the inventory.

What is a Check Out?


At the end of the tenancy a Check Out inspection is carried out.

The inventory used for the Check Out is the one updated at Check In with

any relevant comments. Notes are made on the inventory of any variations

since the Check In. An inventory clerk will then list the significant differences

on a Check Out report including whether these changes are Tenant charge,

Landlord maintenance or Fair Wear and Tear.



All of the inventories completed will be lodged and held for 15 years as standard, all inventory surveys are insured by public liability and public indemnity.