The importance of an EPC

All EPC's are important as they also can identify ways to enhance the efficiency of your property, lower your carbon foot print and also save you money. Although many people are aware of EPC's the vast majority view it as part of the sales process or just a requirement that needs to be done when marketing a property for either sale or rent. What many people miss is the opportunity to improve their property and make the marketed property more attractive to potential owners or tenants.


The true value of an EPC has not been revealed fully as of yet and will not be until October 2012 when the new Green Deal is launched. 

The green deal





Unlike the HIP's program EPC's are here to stay as they were set up at European level and will be in force for a minimum of 10 years as this is the validation period of an EPC.







In the very near future the value of an EPC will become more apparent as you will not be able to claim the feed in tariff if you are planning to have solar pv installed without proving that your home is above an E rating. This can only be proved by a valid EPC.